Section 125/Flexible Spending Account Administration and Health Care Reform by American Fidelity

As an endorsed WATDA plan provider, American Fidelity has established a quality reputation when it comes to our Section 125 administrative services. Whether you currently have a Section 125 program and are simply looking to enhance it, or are interested in setting up a new program, we can help. We provide our expertise in setting up your Section 125 Plan as a premium only plan or coupled with tax savings accounts such as Flexible Spending Accounts. The cornerstone of any benefit program is a Section 125 Plan that helps you and your employees maximize your tax saving opportunities. By participating in a Section 125 Plan you can reduce your payroll-related costs, and your employees can increase their take-home pay at the same time.
By partnering with American Fidelity and moving toward using their Section 125 Plan/FSA Administration, you and your employees will continue to receive:
  • Section 125 administrative services, including plan document support and compliance hotline;
  • Complete program education and enrollment through group meetings, along with one-on-one benefit enrollments with a Wisconsin-based, salaried, career account manager;
  • Upfront funding of Health FSA plans, with reimbursements beginning on the first day of the plan year, regardless if funds have been received – just like you have experienced with WATDA;
  • Year-round support for new hires, benefit fairs, and Wisconsin-based, salaried, career account managers to assist with questions;
  • FSA Administration with complimentary debit card(s);
  • Timely reimbursements of submitted claims;
  • Direct Deposit or paper check options; and
  • Full benefit enrollment, including core and supplemental insurance products, to streamline your employees’ enrollment experience. A WATDA Benefit Specialist is available to partner with American Fidelity throughout the entire communication process.
  • Online claims submission by simply uploading receipts for reimbursement;
PLUS… Additional Support Now Available To You!
  • On-site counsel to assist with your Section 125 or Health Care Reform questions and needs;
  • Daily claims processing;
  • Insuring the “risk” associated with the Health FSA;
  • AFA MobileTM, AFA’s Mobile App;
  • Educational materials, tools, and resources including online tax-savings calculators, expense worksheets, and more;
  • VIP email updates on important Health Care Reform developments;
  • One-on-one strategy sessions to discuss long-term plan options and implementation steps;
  • Discounted Health Care Reform Webinars; and
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) administration;
  • Much more.
To learn more, please visit
For more information about implementing a Section 125 plan, please contact Troy Young, District Manager, at 800-800-654-8489, ext. 3035.  To reach our Customer Care Team, please contact 800-437-1011.


WATDA Services Is No Longer Offering Cafeteria Plans Effective 1/1/14

If you need assistance with the run-out of your WATDA Cafeteria Plan please contact:

Barb Lumina
Cafeteria Plan Coordinator

Barb can be reached at: (608) 251-5577

Check your WATDA Cafeteria Plan account status online at:

Contact Barb Lumina for assistance with logging on to the superadmin website.

To print a reimbursement form click here.